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Friday 29th September 2017

The State of Serverless
Keynote by Paul Johnston (45 minutes)

What is Serverless? How will it change the world of tech? What have we learned to now? What are the things coming up? Paul looks into all the issues around serverless, where serverless is going, and introduces us to why Jeff matters.

Serverless beyond Functions
Talk by (45 minutes)

One of the great advantage of serverless development is the possibility to “chain” multiple functions together and design event-driven architectures. Such applications are easier to maintain because our human minds are much better at looking for cause-effect relationships than understanding complex workflows. It's time to go beyond that, considering serverless in its broader definition of building applications “without thinking about servers”, and use all the available tools.

How to build a scalable serverless IoT architecture on GCP
Talk by Andrea Ulisse (45 minutes)

Andrea will show how to build a performant, reliable and scalable serverless IoT architecture powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) managed services, the same tools used by Google for its productions services which are now available for developers and companies. Such architecture allows you to focus on delivering value to your business rather than managing the underlying infrastructure. Google Cloud has always believed in the vision of serverless, starting with Google App Engine in 2008, Google’s first fully serverless compute service. Since then, Google has evolved more serverless offerings in Application Development, Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

Zero to Serverless in 60 seconds - anywhere
Talk by Alex Ellis (30 minutes)

Alex will present OpenFaaS, an open-source framework that allows you to package any code or container as a serverless function. Prometheus is baked into the stack meaning you have 1st class support for metrics and auto-scaling. You can also bring your own Swarm or Kubernetes cluster and leverage high-availability and orchestration with your existing tools. Alex will show OpenFaaS in action through hands-on demos including the Alexa Voice Assistant. OpenFaaS has over 5k GitHub stars and is being evaluated by the likes of Huawei, ADP and CodeFresh - so come and grab some SWAG and find out why.

14:00 Serverless Automation Pipelines
Talk by luca mezzalira (30 minutes)

Luca will discuss the benefits how adopting a serverless approach to manage multiple web apps (and much more!)

Serverless API with Azure Functions
Talk by Jessica Tibaldi (20 minutes)

Jessica will showcase how to design and build serverless web APIs powered by Azure Functions.

.htaccess Reloaded
Talk by Sönke Ruempler (20 minutes)

Password-protected serverless website hosting with Lambda@Edge and Cognito User Pools.

15:10 Test-driven Serverless
Talk by Filippo Liverani (20 minutes)

As often happens with new technologies, the initial hype and enthusiasm can potentially disrupt years of best practices. Serverless developers may quickly end up with a lot of untestable spaghetti code, followed by a drastic productivity drop. Filippo will showcase how to build a Node.js app powered by TDD to write high-quality and maintainable code in a serverless world.

Orchestrating microservices on Azure with Logic Apps
Talk by Marco Parenzan (30 minutes)

Marco will showcase Logic Apps, Azure's serverless offering for implementing integration processes and asynchronous processes. Logic Apps allows you to visually orchestrate microservices workflows, and it's powered by the concept of connectors and Azure Functions. Marco will demonstrate how to use Logic Apps with some real-world scenarios.

Live Coding: A Serverless Platform in 100 LoC
Talk by Cyle Riggs (30 minutes)

Cyle will show us how to build an educational FaaS layer for Python functions on top of Docker and uWSGI. Make sure you're ready to submit your own code!

Harnessing Big Data through Serverless Technologies
Talk by Anoop Ramachandran (20 minutes)

Anoop will discuss MainAd's experience with Google Cloud Platform in storing and processing petabytes of customer and inventory data, in the real time bidding marketplace.

Lightning talks
Talk by Lino Telera, Alessandro Mazzoli, Luca Barzé, Alberto Francesco Motta, Alberto Begliardo (30 minutes)

Quick Fire round of 5 lightning talks showcasing serverless projects and approaches. Speakers: - Alberto Motta - Lino Telera - Alberto Begliardo - Alessandro Mazzoli - Luca Barzé

Serverless & Chatbots
Social Event by Gianvito Siciliano, Luca Bianchi, Alessio Coser, Alessandro Vitale (30 minutes)

A technical panel with focusing on the chatbots use cases powered by serverless technologies. The panel will be moderated by Luca Bianchi, co-organizer of the Serverless Italy Meetup, and it will involve Alessandro Vitale, Gianvito Siciliano, and Alessio Coser.