Talk comments

Anonymous at 18:30 on 18 Mar 2018

Good overview of changes to frameworks even!

I always learn something from these. Thank you very much for all you do to pull this summary together for the KC community! You ROCK!!!

There are some talks (user group, conferences) that I walk away from excited to use what was discussed in my day to day life. Even fewer are ones that I can actual put into use immediately. Others, provoke that "I wish I had this back when..." moments. Some make even the most alien topic (scala) approachable and convince you that the topic is something you can handle.

David's talk on API load testing Gatling did all of this for me. His slides were clean and concise, his talk polished. He had demos and code that made it feel completely obtainable. Best yet, he had actual production experience to be able to field plenty of questions.

Thanks for great talk! Seriously, you should consider submitting this to some community conferences.

I really enjoyed the presentation on Gatling, I have started doing a lot of performance testing lately and it's one of the few tools I haven't tried out yet. I thought David provided a concise but very thoughtful presentation on load testing with Gatling and his experience learning it from the bottom up.

I enjoyed the introduction talk regarding the latest updates in PHP, it was a quick way to get a good overview of what's going on.