Talk comments

Eric Poe at 09:06 on 5 May 2016

Good rundown on the biggest changes in PHP7. Some of the slide illustrations are brilliant! Speaking style and this talk have greatly improved since it was first given a few months ago!

Some things to consider:

* Before the talk, ensure that the links are still active. I don't know if they have a TTL, but I would hope that at least hitting the link would extend its TTL. :)
* An RFC was mentioned during the talk that allowed for multiple return types or mixed parameter types. I could not find that RFC. Be sure that you know if this RFC exists or not.
* A polyfill was mentioned to allow for `mysql_*` functions in PHP7. What is this polyfill?
* Examples at the bottom of the screen should be moved higher so that those sitting behind others in the audience can see the example.

Again, great job! I know you'll do well at php[tek].

Steven Bitner at 21:40 on 4 May 2016

A very useful overview of the new features in PHP7 that matter to developers from a day-to-day perspective. Joseph had a thorough understanding of the features and how they could be used to enhance an application well done and good luck at Tek.

Steven Bitner at 21:38 on 4 May 2016

Very thorough wrap-up of the last month in PHP. As usual, Eric not only sought out all of the changes for the month, but actually seemed to bother with understanding what those changes were and how they affected things. Great job