Advanced Git for developers


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Loved the live examples!

Michael Csáki at 13:51 on 26 Aug 2015

very good talk about covering a bunch of important examples you come across using git.

Anonymous at 13:52 on 26 Aug 2015

Anonymous at 13:53 on 26 Aug 2015

I learned a lot !

Saw you talk a couple times before and always a pleasure. Learned a bunch of new things. Wish you had more time to show more tips!

Wow you really know your GIT.. Was a pleasure to see you talk so energetic about this topic :) Thanks

very good technically. Removed one star since it was not any laravel examples, but still sort og relevant.

Andrew Westrope at 15:35 on 26 Aug 2015

-p FTW!! Enjoyed your enthusiasm for git and the way you introduced the benefits of each command. Good job!

Anonymous at 18:55 on 26 Aug 2015

wow. amazing what lorna can do in the console! great stuff.very practical information and a live "performance". what do you want more?

Thanks for your talk, I learnt a lot... I am off to buy your git workbook :)

I thought I knew how to use git, but now I feel stupid again! :)

Good topic, learnt a couple of new things about Git. Well prepared live presentation!

One of the few talks I really enjoyed. Full of practical knowledge to use right away. Thanks Lorna!

Thanks a lot for this.
Learned a lot and felt entertained all the time.

Love you for using Ubuntu

I learned a bunch and it's a pleasure to see you have so much fun on stage.

Good topic, great energetic presentation. Leant soke new stuff as well.

Eyes opened to a lot of git I didn't know existed!

Really in depth git stuff. As our company's resident git guru, I mostly discovered I've barely scratched the surface. Yes I use "git add ." a lot! And bisect? Never heard about it!

Also... YAY a fellow Linux user! Really nice to see between all the Apple madness

Good overview of the most important parts of git. The live demos were great!

Anonymous at 09:54 on 28 Aug 2015

Mostly known stuff and things that I think for instance Tower and Sourcetree solves way better than command line Git, but there were also some tips in here that I did not know. Nice presentation, good energy, kudos for live coding :)

Amazing speaker!

Thanks for this great talk.

Awesomely presented about not that clear problems and corner cases. Really useful!

I have very very big respect when people do live coding like Lorna did. Magnificent and useful - thank you for this talk!

Great Talk I took a lot from. Special your performance as a speaker was great!

A useful presentation from a knowledgable lady. Introduced me to a couple of new git commands which I'm sure I will find invaluable

Awesome talk, nice and informative. Great examples with humour about the real issues. Coming back I found some issue with . Will come up on a seprate issue.

Keep going :) .

Anonymous at 15:46 on 10 Sep 2015