Talk comments

Great talk.
I've been experimenting with PHPSpec, Codeception and Behat for a while now and this cleared up a few uncertainties for me.
Loved the nyan formatters, didn't even know such a package existed. :)

Great talk.
I liked it how you compared popular API's and pointed out what's wrong with them. I used to go to twitter when I didn't know how to do things. That's the last time I have done that!

Only downside to your talk: now I want to rewrite some of my own API's...

I always like a good talk about testing because each time testing becomes a little less scary.

Everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand.

Towards the end I got really curious about the mocking. Although due to the time limit it was understandable you couldn't get into that.

Great talk. I recognised a lot of concepts from whey I was studying computer sciences but it's the first time I saw them really well implemented in PHP.

Great job!

Wonderful talk, packed with lots and lots of information, with one aha-moment quickly followed by another, and another, and another, ...
Very good speaker: you managed to keep my attention even when everything got a little bit more complex. Although I have to admit that, towards the end, the pace was a little bit to high for me. Too much info in too little time, perhaps. Ideally it would be a 2 hour talk with the same amount of info but more time to digest it all. Would pay money for that.

Went home with lots of inspiration and a renewed intention to finally start reading the blue DDD book. Thank you Shawn!

Where can I pay for this talk?

It was a gold mine, we should have recorded it. I loved how you presented the concept of layers by getting rid of the jargon. I also appreciated that you gave concrete examples, which were often missing in DDD talks and articles I have attended/read. That second part was really dense and a bit harder to follow though (at least for me). Better connecting these examples back to the overall theory could have helped (me). But it was already an amazing performance to condense this 5 hours workshop into 75 minutes. I could have listened to you for many more hours :)

Fun talk with a nice pace, on a topic I was ready to learn a bit more about. I like your casual and lighthearted speaking style.

Thank you Dries, you gave me a kick in the pants to really start taking testing more seriously. You managed to bring across a lot of great features in a short time span. Especially the happy dinosaurs ;-)

The only suggestion I could make is to try to talk a little louder, as you sometimes faded away in the back rows (although the background noise was actually to blame for that).


Excellent talk, very engaging, great examples. It was fun to see you pulling instagram, twitter, github and others to pieces one by one :)

Great talk, clear and well structured for a newcomer to testing like me! I like the way you presented your examples, it was very concrete and lively. And slides were nice. I never got bored.

A minor detail: you could have spoken a bit louder (especially when the guy upstairs decided to play with his driller.)