Handling Webhooks with Laravel


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Alan Wilson at 18:40 on 10 Jun 2019

I knew very little about web hooks prior to this, but it's in my top 3 of things to look at now.

Great talk, with some useful real-world examples.

I was sceptical. Then I was surprised. At the end I was amazed how well Lorna presented webhooks. Thanks!

Oliver Sarfas at 10:36 on 11 Jun 2019

Lorna made an often underrated and "boring" subject engaging and lively. Her passion for the technology really came across in the content.

Using a recorded screen cast of the example was a great idea, especially to keep the momentum of the talk going

Tim Cranston at 12:08 on 11 Jun 2019

Very well presented - Interesting idea will look into

Povilas Korop at 12:13 on 11 Jun 2019

Lorna is such a wonderful presenter. And topic is also really relevant for modern web.

Robin at 13:08 on 11 Jun 2019

Engaging presentation.

John Braun at 13:12 on 11 Jun 2019

Fantastic speaker, contagiously enthusiastic. The subject was simple to grasp and the live demo’s really helped to drive the message across.

Great stuff. We'll explained and who doesn't love rabbits.

Oliver Lowson at 17:19 on 11 Jun 2019

A really interesting and well-delivered talk. I will be making a lot of use of this

Really engaging speaker, well delivered talk, learnt and thought about some helpful patterns in deploying webhooks.

Tom Densham at 19:53 on 11 Jun 2019

Great presentation! Some really interesting insights on how to handle webhooks. Would have been interesting to see some more Laravel specific solutions.

Great talk, Lorna came across as passionate and knowledgeable.

Mike Smith at 21:15 on 11 Jun 2019

Good presentation, with a clear path through it and Lorna was very engaging. With bonus rabbits as well!

Mizan Syed at 22:31 on 11 Jun 2019

Amazing presenter and fantastic topic. Top notch!

I've seen Lorna speaking now the second time and she is a professional speaker. How she talks and explain on stage is just next level. I guess she is one of the persons who can talk about everything on stage and I will enjoy it. Thanks Lorna.

Webhooks is one of those subjects that developers can fall into the trap of thinking is 'easy' or there isn't much too it. Lorna shakes those assumptions up, and shows how there is way more to webhooks than a simple POST request! I've seen variations of Lorna's 'Webhooks' talk a few times, and I still find it a great watch each time.

Lee Crosdale at 11:09 on 12 Jun 2019

Engaging talk, well presented.

Lorna has turned an interesting but boring subject into something super interesting and fun! Super engaging, great talk.

Peter Fox at 19:16 on 12 Jun 2019

There was nothing really new to me as such in this talk yet I still found it presented in a way that kept me interested and engaged. I think it's a really good talk that covers webhooks well that everyone who hasn't dealt with webhooks before must listen to. I even gleamed two new bits of new info personally, being able to run replays with ngrok (I've used ngrok, just not replays) and that actually, processing the signature on the queue instead of during the request and then passing to a queue was a better option which I will likely be doing going forward. So in all a really good talk that I walked away learning a little more about something I thought I was fairly wise of.

Roussetos at 08:15 on 13 Jun 2019

Great talk, pace, funny, to the point with proper suggestions and nice practices.
Even seasoned developers that handle webhooks the way Lorna suggests, would have enjoyed the talk and also be reassured that others follow same approaches.
Lorna showed and shared her true appreciation for technology and her experience and got the message through.

I was already familiar with webhooks but didn't get bored at all. One of the best speakers at the conference. Well done!