Laravel At Large: Introduction to Application Scaling


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Alan Wilson at 18:46 on 10 Jun 2019

Another very useful talk with plenty of real world insights and a reminder that the path is not always smooth.

Chris Page at 06:29 on 11 Jun 2019

Super confident speaker, interesting and knows how to hold the audience. Very knowledgeable and more than happy to answer questions.

Povilas Korop at 12:15 on 11 Jun 2019

Good talk with a sense of humor, with a lotbof of real life examples.

Tim Cranston at 13:01 on 11 Jun 2019

Clear confident speaker - very interesting with useful examples

This was very useful and brought to light some things I hadn't considered

Oliver Lowson at 17:21 on 11 Jun 2019

Thanks Liam, lots of good insights into the challenges of scaling (and some things to rethink in my current projects :/ )

Mizan Syed at 22:37 on 11 Jun 2019

Was a good useful reminder for myself

Loved this talk and his real-world examples. He is a great guy and a great and funny speaker.

Peter Fox at 00:06 on 14 Jun 2019

Well presented and clearly communicated. The only thing I would say is that maybe it would be better to focus on particular topics within the talk and dive deeper into that, such as caching rather than doing a more surface layer over everything, I feel like a lot of devs know of what these things are when it comes to scale but want a bit more info on what to go with or where the pitfalls of using such technologies are.