Talk comments

Aidan Fewster at 15:42 on 21 Mar 2019

Really great talk, probably the funniest tech talk I've ever seen.

The only thing I think your talk is missing - or maybe is missed it, is how you got your application running in the browser? If you used WebAssembly it'd be great to have a slide dedicated to that.

Thank you so much, Dave!
Coincidentally, today I was reading some of your previous work from dotGo back in 2014, to help me implement a side project I've been working on:

If I had to give any feedback at all, and it's a real struggle, I'd say that you should've had a longer timeslot!
I really can't come up with anything to criticise. Thank you again!

Great anecdotes!
I think some of the material in your slide deck didn't have enough time to be appreciated, so I'd recommend trimming it to fit the time slot in future if possible, rather than rushing through and not giving everyone the chance to enjoy and understand your findings from your prior work and discoveries.
Fantastic job, and very well done!

You had lots of background information to back up the topic.
For feedback, I'd recommend having your slide deck reviewed ahead of time.
Well done, and great job!