OpenStreetMap and PHP


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Anonymous at 14:37 on 29 Jun 2012

Some background with mapserver / projections / tiger line data but it's been a few years.
Really enjoyed presentation

Very interesting introduction to the OpenStreetMap db and different ways to use it.

This talk really got me interested in the mapping capabilities of applications. The talk was delivered well, and the example code was enough to give a real-world sense of what writing mapping application code takes. After this talk, I'm definitely interested in checking out OpenStreetMap, when before I had very little interest at all.

This was one of the best talks of the conference so far. It is a fascinating subject with awesome demos, and real code was shown, as well as live demos, which is hard to do well.

Anonymous at 17:38 on 29 Jun 2012

Really enjoyed this! Having done some work with OSM and GIS, it was nice to learn more about the product in general, as well as some of the other features I was not aware of.

Great presentation that delved into what is possible with the projects surrounding Open Street Map. It was good to learn about the philosophy and goals of the project. Live demos and inline code inspection as part of the presentation was well down.

Nice talk. Derick is a little bit hard to understand, particularly when he gets excited, however, it is that excitement that gets you into his talk! This talk was very specific to the OpenStreetMap technology, but makes me want to join him in mapping parties. It was well spoken and had some really great examples to get your feet wet with. Wasn't so technical that one couldn't follow with novice php/js skills.

Love it, very useful.

Great introduction to a project I did not even know existed.

I have been wondering about the project and what the advantages were over Google Maps. I hadn't been able to really dig into it yet, so this talk was an excellent introduction to its capabilities. It is an amazing data set, and I look forward to possibly helping the US improve theirs.

Good overview of the benefits - and limitations - of OpenStreetMap

This talk was #1 on my list to see, as I'm getting into GIS and mapping myself, and as usual, Derick was terrific. It was just the right technical level, with great examples and his list of resources (on his slide page) is extensive. I can't wait to get more into OSM.