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Stellar event put on by the organizing team, you deserve a big thank you for all the effort, energy, and resources put into making this event happen!

As a speaker, the communication from the organizers was excellent. I knew what to expect, where to be, and what was going on, and knew that in advance. Logistics went smooth! Only suggestion would be to have someone to give a 5 minute warning and a time over - I watched the time closely while speaking, but some speakers went over, which caused some scheduling turbulence.

Registration went really smooth. It was a quick grab-and-go. Glad it wasn't a long line or missing talks. Also, I love the bags for swag. I still have my old back from a few years ago that I use regularly for grocery shopping. The shirts were a huge plus, every conference should make a shirt (or hoodie or hat or socks or something). I noticed some people had metal and other plastic to connect lanyards to badges. I had a metal one, that was sometimes a bit noisy and annoying, maybe plastic for all would be better?

The vendors were easy to talk to and had fun swag to grab. The sponsor bingo was a good idea and worked smoothly. Loved that Zend pitched in extra elephpants to raffle off.

The food and drinks were great! Loved the churros especially, and the other desserts, nice touch. The meal lines moved along quickly, and there was plenty of food for the meals. Just wish there would have been more churros, but I did get one. Nice to have water and soda options - I'm a big water drinker.

The venue was really good. I appreciated the free breakfast vouchers - I loved the juice options, yogurt, and other food items. Lots of elevators is so helpful. Easy to navigate and find the rooms, especially with the map on the back of the lanyard badges. The temperature in the rooms was all over the place, often too cold, but that seems to be the norm at conferences. Glad I came prepared with a hoodie.

It was helpful to have the big schedule boards outside each room. Made it easy to know the times things started and ended, and see who was speaking that day. The printed schedule handed out at registration was super helpful as well, and I referred to it often each day.

All the talks I went to were well done and informative. Speaker quality was excellent, and the environment was conducive to learning. I took away a list of tools to try, packages to introduce to projects, and changes to make to improve myself and my code.

The after parties were fun! The Jeophpardy was a must-see, good food, and fun visiting with people.

Overall, fantastic event that I would highly recommend! I had several co-workers attend with me, and I'm glad they did, because the conference did not disappoint!