Talk comments

I'm already rereading the slides for the mental tools to help keep moving forward having been laid off. Lots to fear and worry about, and having clarity to make good decisions seems like a really good idea. So far so good, I think. Thanks so much for presenting this!

Rissa Jackson at 12:27 on 13 Nov 2022

Such an amazing talk that broke down some really difficult seeming technical knowledge into byte-sized chunks! ;D Also the speaker has awesome jokes! Would attend again!

A very eloquent, inspiring, and actionable talk!

Mike Lehan at 06:41 on 10 Nov 2022

The examples and information in this talk were really solid. I was left a bit unsure as to what practically I was meant to do with the information, but it was an interesting area to have some new knowledge in.

Mike Lehan at 06:39 on 10 Nov 2022

The concept of stories was well illustrated, and walked through with clear guidance and (importantly for a topic like this) self-awareness. A good goal for a talk, and well-achieved!

Zachary Lee at 09:39 on 9 Nov 2022

Very good talk. As others have said, additional examples would have helped elevate this to 6 stars ;) but even still, it was quite Brilliant!

I think using the `add` method as an example throughout the whole talk would help bring continuity to the presentation. Start with the smaller `return $a + $b;` and by the end, we will have helped you build the more complicated final version through demonstrations of each of these unit testing concepts.

Joe Theuerkauf at 16:31 on 8 Nov 2022

More product owners and managers need to hear this talk, even though the underlying focus is for developers to learn constructive ownership of their tech debt. i'm going to start analyzing my time and workload more - especially considering how swamped i've let myself get.

Joe Theuerkauf at 16:26 on 8 Nov 2022

Great demonstration of weak API security from consumer and provider perspectives. Good for grasping the concepts of security and bringing attention to it. Would have liked to see more how-to: where vulnerabilities are, how to repair them.

Boyd had great energy and a meaningful topic. His wisdom showed as he conveyed the lessons learned. Audience was involved, maybe even too involved, but that wasn't Boyd's fault. Good way to wrap up the conference. Only negative was the talk ran overtime, but since it was the very last talk of the day, there was more wiggle room for that.

Great interactive talk by Keith. Was fun to get the techy-savvy audience involved with live demos. Talk moved along at a good pace, made good points, and who doesn't love a free nerd shirt (yes, I wore my new shirt the next day traveling home!). Good work Keith!