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Overall a fantastic PHP conference with a lot of takeaways.

The tutorial day was really informative. I liked the high quality of technical speakers for that day (Ben and Stephen). The main problem was the lack of power strips for attendees to use. My laptop made it through the working 3 hour session in the afternoon, but was getting a bit low.

The talk days went smoothly and had a lot of useful topics. I lean towards technical and project talks, which there were enough of. There was only one time slot where I wasn't really interested in one of the three talks available during those two days.

The venue was good and conducive to learning and attending while meeting new people. The only real problem was room temperature control, which the venue staff tried to mediate.

The conference felt light on sponsors, with some usual sponsors missing. I do like to stop by each booth and chat with the sponsors. They were all great to talk with and provided good information about their offerings.

The food was pretty good. I appreciated the breakfast vouchers. The lunches were filling, and the pizza party was great. I liked the welcomeness and communication about WurstCon, which made planning for it and attending easier.

For the organizers and volunteers, a big thank you! The communication was effective, the website with videos afterwards for other sessions is great, and the overall feel of the conference was amazing.

I highly recommend attending Longhorn PHP in the future.

Ryan Howe at 19:37 on 4 Nov 2023

This was my first virtual PHP conference, thought you did a great job for the virtual attendees. While I do hope to be there in person next year, if I can’t again I wouldn’t hesitate to attend virtually again! Awesome work, hope to see y’all next year

Adam Culp at 13:20 on 4 Nov 2023

Thank you for being a beacon of hope for PHP events, as others are reluctant to restart after COVID. Well organized, and smooth running.

Bryant Son at 11:14 on 4 Nov 2023

Thank you for all great talks and events :)