A 3-day conference to help PHP developers level up their craft and connect with the larger PHP community, in Austin, TX.


Behavior Driven Development and Browser Testing using Codeception
Workshop by Alena Holligan
Protecting your APIs
Workshop by Dan Moore
Let's Build a Composer Package
Workshop by Ben Ramsey
Build a PHP Safety Net: Automated Checks Before You Commit
Workshop by Aaron Holbrook
Intersectiona11y: Making dev, design, accessibility, DEI, remote work and AI work for everyone
Talk by Kaitlyn Concilio
Growing the PHP Core – One Test at a Time
Talk by Florian Engelhardt
Engineering by Design
Talk by Israel Carberry
I'd Like to Write the World Some Docs
Talk by Steve Grunwell
Supercharged PHP & Server Optimizations
Talk by Joshua Ray Copeland
Serializing modern PHP
Talk by Larry Garfield
Finding Harmony in Distributed Systems: Choreography vs Orchestration in Software Development
Talk by Rain Leander
Debugging PHP Applications: Techniques and Tools for Efficient Troubleshooting
Talk by Aaron Holbrook
Database Abstractions and Where They Leak
Talk by Sergei Morozov
Accessibility update: What’s new in WCAG 2.2
Talk by Kaitlyn Concilio
Internationalization & Localization With PHP
Talk by Ben Ramsey
Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Tech Community
Keynote by Ed Finkler
Unleashing Asynchronous PHP - Boost Performance with RabbitMQ and ReactPHP
Talk by Florian Engelhardt
What PHP developers need to know about JWTs
Talk by Dan Moore
Learn To Succeed
Talk by Alena Holligan
Getting Started with Test-Driven Development
Talk by Scott Keck-Warren
CVE 101: The Unfolding Of A Zero Day Attack
Talk by Theresa Mammarella
Machine Learning in PHP with RubixML
Talk by Mark Pruett
What Does A Modern PHP Application Look Like?
Talk by Tim Bond
Minimal vs. functional: “Clean” code as a practical – rather than aesthetic – virtue
Talk by Kaitlyn Concilio
Advanced caching strategies
Talk by Seb Armand
Downgrade to Upgrade and Other Composer Tricks
Talk by Andy Snell