This talk by Ed Finkler is a must-attend for tech workers who want to learn more about mental health and personal well-being. With over 25 years of experience in the field and as the founder of Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI), Finkler shares his personal struggles with ADHD, anxiety, and executive function problems. He also highlights the lack of research and data on mental health issues in the tech industry, and provides practical solutions such as mental health first aid training for managers and guidelines for organizations to prioritize employee well-being. An informative and insightful perspective on the importance of mental health in the tech industry.


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Kai H at 10:01 on 4 Nov 2023

Powerful, personal, and very accurate/relevant to more people in the room than one would first suspect.

Jim Wigginton at 10:05 on 4 Nov 2023

Touching presentation. For people in similar situations it's helpful to know you're not alone. And it was a breath of fresh air compared to the toxic positivity that a lot of people dole out.

Biggest criticism: it did go a bit over the time limit

Larry Garfield at 10:08 on 4 Nov 2023

Not always the content we want, but the content we most definitely need. Thank you for all that you do, and have done for the community.

Adam Culp at 10:13 on 4 Nov 2023

Informational, as always. Love ya bro!

Joseph Lavin at 10:15 on 4 Nov 2023

Thank you for sharing!

Joseph Leedy at 10:15 on 4 Nov 2023

Thank you for sharing your experiences and exposing your raw emotions around a topic that is not discussed often enough.

Eric Minaker at 10:17 on 4 Nov 2023

Powerful, and tough, talk on an equally tough topic. Ed did a fantastic job talking about something that can be very difficult.

Mark Junghanns at 10:29 on 4 Nov 2023

Thanks Ed for sharing! Very emotional and educational talk!

Wun Chiou at 10:30 on 4 Nov 2023

Very touching to hear your story. I also really like the info on correlated conditions.

Nick A at 10:34 on 4 Nov 2023

This was an important keynote. Some of the things that were discussed hit close to home. For example, I have noticed that changing one's environment can have a big impact on focus and productivity as mentioned in this talk, though this went into it in more depth (eg: even just changing *colors* of an environment can have notable benefits for certain people). It was really interesting to hear that there are similar behaviors (and possibly treatments) between things like ADHD, autism, and PTSD

This was a talk of vulnerability, and in doing so was a demonstration of tremendous strength and hope. These kinds of struggles are lifelong, but in opening up about them, it's clear that we are, at the very least, not alone

Thank you Ed!

Jordan Wamser at 10:50 on 4 Nov 2023

This talk right here! I was excited to hear. This subject of the work environment I feel is overlooked a lot. Really appreciate you for opening up and giving out tools and ideas of what has helped you. so glad you made the choice to be open up and be vulnerable with us.

This topic has so many rabbit holes in itself. I personally love how in-depth you went with the content. I can however see how for some these details could be hard to keep focused and on track with. I believe a great choice that was made is to have this talk and have an open space for it later. Just with how big this talk and content can be. as well as how important it is.


Joseph Thayne at 10:56 on 4 Nov 2023

I have always enjoyed your talks. Each as changed the way I look at things. This one was no different. This talk was very powerful. Personal experiences always have the most impact. The information I learned from this talk I will be taking back home and will help with how I interact with both my children. Thank you for being willing to share you.

Thank you for sharing this.

Aaron Holbrook at 10:58 on 4 Nov 2023

Fantastic talk Ed, thank you for sharing such deep and personal experiences. It really helps break down the stigma and helps people reflect on their own experiences.

I love how you shared everything that you went through and showed real, genuine emotion.

Thank you Ed!

Ben Batschelet at 11:01 on 4 Nov 2023

Damn that touched a few nerves for me, really really good and impactful.

Tim Lytle at 11:53 on 4 Nov 2023

A thought provoking talk from the perspective of experience. It is so helpful to share this. Thank you Ed.

Ariane Dupaix at 12:01 on 4 Nov 2023

An excellent reminder that technical people share more than just skills in coding. Hopefully being honest about our mental health struggles will help us create for a better culture that supports us all.

Great talk! It was really helpful.

Tadeh Hakopian at 14:22 on 4 Nov 2023

Thanks for this talk, I learned a lot of the struggles my neurodiverse coworkers go through

Peter Meth at 14:36 on 4 Nov 2023

So powerful. Thanks Ed.

Always from the heart with sincerity and honesty. I appreciate your insight into your mental health struggles and wish you the best 🙏🏻

Powerful talk. Definitely covered ground not everyone takes the time to consider, which is appreciated.