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This was a great event. Conveniently close to home, great accommodations in the area, friendly staff, well-informed and outgoing speakers. Highly recommended.

Fantastic conference! Venue was great, hotel was great, food/drink offerings at the conference and hotel were top notch. Allowing a half hour between sessions really cut down on the amount of rushing for the speakers, going a few minutes over (like I did) turned out not to be a big deal; and it allowed me to answer questions after the session instead of asking people to find me. It worked out really well.

Beth, Jason and all the organizers were friendly, helpful and had everything planned, organized and set up extremely well. No technical issues, Wi-Fi was available and pretty good considering the amount of people using it.

Lastly, it was probably the most engaged collection of attendees I've ever seen at a conference. Meaningful questions and speaker feedback was very much appreciated. Speakers and attendees were approachable and of course a 4 track line up of wonderful talks never hurts either :)

A+ conference 10/10 would (and hope to) attend again!

The event was very well organized and offered a four track schedule packed with great sessions. There was plenty of networking time throughout the day and food and refreshments were always available. Met a lot of new people and had great conversations. Cheers to Beth and all the organizers!