Talk comments

This talk was really approachable. As a programmer just starting to learn PHP, this talk still made a lot of sense. Great job!

I really enjoyed the subject matter of this talk. The idea of "Technical Pollution" instead of Debt was super insiteful. Although the Lorax comparison was useful, I found that the quoting of the Lorax kind of took away from the core message. Especially when it seemed like they were trying to remember the quotes and seuss-isms and didn't have them written down. It would have been more helpful to summarize the Lorax in normal words "Cutting down trees to harvest materials to make sweaters". The technical information however was great, especially the references to actual problems they had in their projects.

Wow, I didn't stop taking notes the whole time. Mike basically described the issues we're having with our database at work and then explained how to fix them.

I found this talk very helpful. In particular I liked seeing the actual notes he took while he was figuring out what he liked and didn't like about his job.

Great job Alex. I enjoyed your talk, I especially appreciated your mention to how people may learn differently from one another. I think this might even make a great talk in itself, where you could talk about your experience, and things you have done that have helped you. Also I think it is worth publicly talking about the fact that some people just get it, while others have to work for it. But even if you do have to work hard doesn't make you less of a programmer or not worthy of being in this field.

In terms of your talk, I think you do well presenting. I realized this was an intro talk, so this is only personal preference, but I would have loved more in depth talk on interfaces. Since you still had a bit of time, I would add some more examples to walk through.

Excellent presentation! Matt was really into the topic and kept my interest the entire talk. The presentation was fun, but also quite practical. It was mostly about specific tools to try out, but admittedly I haven't even seen or tried all the different angles of automation that were suggested. Excellent!