Mage Titans is a non-profit event, made possible only with the support of the community and our brilliant sponsors.
In the fast pace of Magento e-commerce growth we face a constant race to acquire the necessary skills to keep up with the
latest technologies and know-how.
That’s why Mage Titans content has been designed by Magento Developers for Magento Developers. The aim of the conference is to offer affordable access to the world’s biggest and best thought leaders and innovators, and
offer a space for Magento developers to network and share knowledge with their peers.
To reach this aim, we use following core principles:
● To promote connection, collaboration and communication among the Magento community.
● To encourage self-improvement.
● To create a fertile ground for exploratory discussions with Magento experts.
● To make the world a better place to live by giving back through charitable projects.