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Friday 6th April 2018

What It Means to Magento!
Keynote by Ben Marks (25 minutes)

Wanna know the answer? Then you don’t have any other choice than to join us!

SOS UiComponents: Save Our Sanity
Talk by Vinai Kopp (40 minutes)

Why is code involving Magento 2 UiComponents hard to understand and customize? In the end, it’s “just JavaScript”, so what is it that pushes the code to become messy and hard to maintain? This presentation does two things: 1 - We analyze the aspects of UiComponents that make them hard to work with 2 - We look at ideas from more current frontend languages and frameworks that have those problems solved and how we can use them with UiComponents The concepts hopefully will be useful not only for the current Magento 2 frontend, but also when the new PWA studio is released.

Magento 2 under siege: defense strategies and attack patters identification
Talk by Riccardo Tempesta (25 minutes)

Magento 2 is probably one of the most powerful and secure eCommerce platforms in the world, but no software can be considered completely bug-free. Furthermore, installing a non-secure third party extension can create dangerous security breaches. Protect your Magento 2 installation and your customer’s information against both known and unknown security threats is possible: we will see how to stop hack attempts before they breach into your installation, how to stop spammers and how to identify attack patterns before it is too late.

Manipulating Magento 2
Talk by Joke Puts (25 minutes)

How can you make Magento do what you want? In Magento 2 there are a lot of ways to add customizations. What are your options? Can you do a rewrite like in Magento 1? Should you use an event to add that business-critical logic when your invoice reaches state paid? Or is a plugin a better option? Maybe it’s the only option. What’s the deal with dependency injection and why do I need interfaces? In this talk we’re going to explore all the possibilities to give you a good understanding of the basics.

Don’t be a git!
Talk by David Manners (25 minutes)

In modern web development git seems to be the version control system of choice. Even though it is popular a lot of people only know the 5 main commands and are happy with them. In this talk I stepped through some does and don’ts of working with git, so advanced features and talk about team workflow with git.

Complete PWA front-end with Magento 2: live demo
Talk by Jamie Maria Schouren (25 minutes)

Recently DEITY launched a complete PWA front-end which can be used in combination with Magento 2 and has all the cool features we can expect from PWA. The solution is more than just a PWA front-end: it combines a modular microservice based service oriented architecture, with a fully headless PWA front-end, build on ReactJS and NodeJS. The speed of the shop is instant: 25ms page transitions, with peaks of 175ms. Soon DEITY will release an open source version of their product for the community. In this talk their director will give you the background story behind this project, why they did it, what they did and how they did it – and off course there will be a live demo!

14:45 The Big “Why Equal doesn’t Equal” Quiz
Talk by Juliette Reinders Folmer (25 minutes)

So you think you know PHP ? But do you really ? We all compare and test data on nearly every other line in our code, be it input validation, an if-statement, a switch or determining what to display and how. So of course we are all experts on how to do these tests and comparisons…. Or are we? No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, come and join in the fun for the Big “Why equal doesn’t equal” Quiz, test your knowledge and learn about defensive programming and the quirks of a loose type programming language along the way.

Automated testing in Magento 2
Talk by Igor Miniailo (25 minutes)

Igor’s presentation will be about automated testing in Magento 2 via examples on Multi-Source Inventory -Why do automated tests matter? -Unit Tests. What is “Unit” and how to avoid writing useless Unit tests -Transient State and Integration tests -Qualities of a test which matter -Tests Isolation and reusability -Web API testing to make sure that headless Magento works as expected -Predefined Identifiers for entities are very test-friendly -Static testing and PHP Strict Types -Modularity testing as a way to guarantee correct dependencies among components -Functional testing and MFTF framework

Managing orders with flow
Talk by Félix Delval (25 minutes)

Let’s have a deep dive look of how Magento Commerce with Multi Source Inventory and Magento Order Management flows work. We will look at the similarities, difference and how both can be extended.

My little journey into Magento Frontend
Talk by Martins Saukumus (25 minutes)

Magento 2 has been out for quite some time. Is the front end part up to date with modern standards? The PWA is right around the corner (or more corners) so in this presentation, I will share my solution how you can start to migrate front-end business logic to Vue/React components to be prepared for the switch. And if you are going to switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2 I will do a quick summary how the JavaScript works so you don’t get lost.

Magento PWA Studio – A Gentle Introduction to the Future of Magento Front Ends
Talk by Andrew Levine (25 minutes)

In mid 2017, Magento announced a large effort to create a new suite of tools called PWA Studio, which will enable the future of modern front-end development in Magento stores. In this talk, Andrew Levine from the PWA Studio team will go over what a PWA is, why Magento believes it is the future of front end development, and what the architecture looks like at a high level.

Accelerated Mobile Pages in Magento 2: implementation and capabilities
Talk by Olga Burtyka (25 minutes)

During her talk, Olga will cover the following topics: -What is Google AMP and how AMP speeds up page loading? -Why your project needs AMP? -SEO benefits and problems of AMP -Must-have code on the page and disallowed code on the page -How implement AMP in Magento 2 -AMP most used components in Magento (including Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager) -Ways to validate AMP pages -How to update AMP Google Cache? -When need use Cross-Origin Resource Sharing in AMP -Compare speed AMP pages and not-AMP on magento product page example -Progressive Web Application (PWA) and AMP great work together