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This was an excellent experience for my first magento event.

It was great to be in a room and interact with like a group of not just developers but everyone who works with magento.

The speakers were both entertaining and provided a wealth of knowledge. I found the impromptu uncomf/barcomf really good too and also really insightful and useful too.

John Hughes at 15:56 on 7 May 2016

As with the 'full' event in November this was another great community event for Magento developers / techies.

Great venue, great speakers and not forgetting the free swag ;)

My only minor complaints we're the darkness of the room for the first half of the day in comparison to the brightness of the screen and the small size (and therefore high temperature) of the after party venue - though I'm not going to complain too much seeing as there was a free bar!

All in all we had 7 people from our agency attend (myself included) and feedback has been very positive (testing and M2 frontend being hot topics!) so I feel it has been very worthwhile for us all.

It was also great to be able to catch up with old and meet new faces throughout the day and enjoy spending time with like minded people in our great community.

I feel the thing that makes Mage Titans different to other events is pure focus on developers and the community and therefore the lack of there being an underlying agenda to force fed attendees with sales pitches etc.

Thanks to all the speakers for sharing their knowledge and learnings (including those during the unconf) and to UKFast for the great venue.

Finally, special thanks to Jon, Tony, Gabi and the Space 48 team for putting on another great event. I look forward to seeing you all again in November back in Manchester and potentially even Texas!