Talk comments

John Hughes at 15:33 on 7 May 2016

Not really a talk, more a call to action from Ben asking us to tell him about any development gripes with M2.

A pretty brave move from Ben and refreshing to see from Magento, even better was that everything was noted down to be fed back to the internal team.

Ben is obviously a seasoned speaker and his humour and audience interaction is second to none so this was always going to be a winner.

This talk was another reminder of how well the 'new' Magento is better listening to the community and I hope it continues.

John Hughes at 15:25 on 7 May 2016

Agree with James, great segment to have and would like to see again in future, but more time for people to prepare would be better. Appreciate this was obviously a bit last minute with the withdrawal of Nathan and was a very good replacement given the time constraints.

Also a shoutout to Max for his talk frontend security, some really good stuff in there, and respect to everyone who put themselves forward and gave an impromptu speech.

John Hughes at 15:20 on 7 May 2016

Informative session, I think perhaps it may have been better having after everyone had spoken as a way to wrap the day up as more questions may have been forthcoming.

Also combining the idea of topics we listed for the unconf section for this may be a good idea too.

All in all a good session to have as it's great for the community to be able to ask the speakers about any burning topics they have and kudos to the speakers for agreeing to be involved.

John Hughes at 15:15 on 7 May 2016

Good talk from the guys at CTI, frontend isn't my main focus, but I learnt a lot about how Magento 2 FE works from a high level.

Our frontend team members who attended the event have been discussing a lot about this talk since so it obviously had some positive impact and I think we're keen to take some of these learnings on board back at our office.

Therefore it is refreshing to see how much of their internal process and learning they were willing to share with the community, so thanks Ian and Suresh.

John Hughes at 15:09 on 7 May 2016

Loved James' talk, it provided clear detail on the right way to code to ensure improved testability, reliability and ease of adding new features / services in future.

The mandrill example was perfect and helped make the whole talk easier to connect with.

That combined with the humour in regards to recent 'mandrillgeddon' and the 'that class' example made it an all round great talk for me.

Biggest takeaway for me was around the honesty in that yes coding this way will take longer to begin with, but the benefits in regards to future time saving (not to mention code readability) make it worth while.

John Hughes at 15:03 on 7 May 2016

Really informative talk, certainly broke down some barriers for me in regards to testing. As James noted, the flow / progression aspect was very well done.

Most importantly I can't wait to put it into practice myself and with the rest of our team.

Also had the pleasure of having a good chat with Vinai later on and not only was he full of great knowledge as you'd expect, but a top bloke too! :)

james cowie at 10:24 on 6 May 2016

I really like the idea of Un conferences and I think its something that I would like to see more off moving forward. Having the space for people to try talking about something they are passionate about is a must. If there was more time to prepare then I know that this would be a great section.

james cowie at 10:22 on 6 May 2016

Great talk from Vinai as always. I really liked the story from how he started to work with testing and the progression of his work flow as he started to gain more experience and confidence in testing. Very well presented.