Talk comments

It's so important to see the performance of Magento 1 and Magento 2 in different server setups. I am glad that the video from his presentation is available in Youtube since that presentation is a must for every Magento developer.

I met Chris in the conference. He enthusiasm drives him to create tools like the one he presented in his talk. Glad to see inspiring developers like him contributing with the community.

I learned so much from this talk. Brent is a brilliant speaker. He delivered a fun, informative and interesting talk about project management. From his presentation: "Communicate and report everything and as often as possible. That becomes the story of the project.". That is the best advice about project management I ever heard.

This was one of my favorite talks from the event.

I try to participate and collaborate as often as possible in the Magento community and this talk gave me an overview of what I have to do in order to do more for the community: Participate in events, be intentional, learn and take action.

Also, there was a lot of information and statistics delivered by Sherrie, as well as really interesting slides such us the map of Magento events in the world. Amazing!

Lots of great information in Mat's talk. Really enjoyed it. These are essentials for Magento2

Great talk by Gabriel who is a natural speaker. Really enjoyed everything he shared.

Adam Randazzo at 11:14 on 13 Sep 2016

This was actually one of the talks I got the most out of my day from. As a b2b merchant, this talk reinforced some things we do differently and introduced us to some new ways of thinking about b2b customer experience.

Excellent talk, Brent. Thank you for the time and experience you shared with us. It gave me some very actionable take-aways for our clients.

This was an outstanding talk. While functional tests are a great thing, I haven't been able to cough up the seemingly 40 or so hours to get it going. Kevin did this for us and presented his work to us. Very understandable and well done. Thank you.