Talk comments

Sander Mangel at 09:11 on 28 Jan 2016

Great talk, really enjoyed it. Getting feedback from a module vendor on converting modules is great with all the experience Vladimir has

Sander Mangel at 09:10 on 28 Jan 2016

Really nice overview of 2 of the frontend techniques in Magento 2. Nice addition to Anton's talk as well. Really liked the examples

Sander Mangel at 09:09 on 28 Jan 2016

Really nice overview of the steps to take when migrating. Valuable for any merchant or developer

With so many new features and concepts in Magento 2 an overview talk is always great. Really nice and clear examples. Thanks!

Nice to see some benchmark numbers, the Redis conclusion was a surprise. Would have liked to see some more variations. Felt like this was just fitting one case

Sander Mangel at 09:05 on 28 Jan 2016

I suck at composer. This talk really explained it well and made me less sucky

Sander Mangel at 09:02 on 28 Jan 2016

Great to get some insights into where Magento 2 currently stands

To have a Magento 2 core developer on stage telling all about Magento 2.

Creating API's a few lines of code, Dependency Injection, Interception, Service Contracts and having fun doing it, whoohooo.

It makes us all wanna dive in and start of developing. Thank you for that.

In addition to the talk from Sander it was nice to see what we all need to accomplish migrating from Magento 1 -> 2.

There are already some thing I've shouted to my customers where they should think about and start of with.

As a backend developer I didn't now what to expect for Magento 2.

So thanks Arjen for sharing the basic idea behind Magento 2's new CSS compiling(less not sass, maybe in the near future again) and Javascript framework(jquery/requirejs)