Talk comments

JGM_io at 14:03 on 31 Mar 2017

A topic hardly covered but so essential to the succes of a project or company.

A small tip though, perhaps you could cut it down to a ted-like 18 mins?
My partners need to see this but I know already they will not be very willing to spend an hour of their time on a talk/video.

A perfect rant, Andreas shared insights and personal comments at a blazing speed. (so a good thing there's a recording to rewind some topics ;)

Cool talk, with passion and fun (as always). thx.

Ben Cavens at 09:29 on 30 Mar 2017

Great insight into the general flow of a project. Making sure the business experts and developers both know which direction it is growing. Spontaneous, vibrant tone of voice and with good knowledge on the subject.

Ben Cavens at 09:07 on 30 Mar 2017

Great talk! Sam gives his talk full of enthusiasm and a genuine smile. He is very much in sync with the subject; He knows his browser apis but still kept the talk going and refrained from going too much into details.