Talk comments

I have to admit, this was going above my head as a Symfony noob but it was interesting.
If this was your first talk, i don't belive you. It was good!

Having allmost no background in Symfony i really liked to see codeexamples of what i've read on the Symfony docs. The great thing was that it was shown in Forkstyle, easier to understand.
I really learned something.


Interesting to see an overview of the components used in Fork. Like, Dieter, feel that maybe a little too much time was spent on some concepts.

Personally, I'd love to hear more about what challenges you faced when implementing certain components.

Big plus for allowing questions during talk.

Voor mij was het mijn allereerste meetup, maar ben overtuigd dat het zeker niet de laatste zal zijn.

Ik vond de presentatie boeiend en op een aangenaam tempo. De meeste Symfony componenten waren me al bekend, maar voor de personen die nog niet zo gekend zijn met Symfony was dit een ideale start / kennismaking. Daarnaast heb ik mezelf nog nooit verdiept in EventDispatching en Functional tests, bij deze is mijn interesse gewekt!

Bedankt voor de aangename presentatie!

I really liked the talk, learned some great things about the dic (especially tagging and compiler passes).

It was a lot in a short time though. Maybe some more pauses in between next time to give people some time to get around all the information?

I think you might have spend a little too much time explaining concepts and tools that are fairly mainstream.

I like how you allow for questions in between, just keep under control you dont lose too much time.

I liked how the talk contained examples and tips that can be directly used in projects.

The code examples are a bit too long. I was trying to understand the code and in the meanwhile I didn't hear a word you said.

Talk a little slower.