Talk comments

Jordan Kasper at 12:18 on 18 Sep 2019

Good intro content and understanding. Margaret speaks well in front of a crowd and handles questions very well!

Jordan Kasper at 12:17 on 18 Sep 2019

Passionate speaker with good background on the problem set and something actionable to take away.

Ryan Consylman at 06:45 on 6 Aug 2019

Excellent topic, and covered so well.

Ryan Consylman at 06:44 on 6 Aug 2019

I was really excited to do this workshop, but unfortunately the information was not presented in a way the attendees could follow along. Advice: let users know what should be on their machines before the workshop starts, provide a single, short link that provides links to all the repos, resources, ect. Have an end goal in mind and help everyone get there.

Ryan Consylman at 06:40 on 6 Aug 2019

In this day and age a very important topic, and covered well

Ryan Consylman at 06:40 on 6 Aug 2019

I didn't really get its relevance. It felt more like a personal journey.

Ryan Consylman at 06:38 on 6 Aug 2019

I am not a fan of regular expressions, but this talk did a great time of breaking it down to the simplest parts and growing from there.

Ryan Consylman at 06:36 on 6 Aug 2019

Great and relevant talk. Speakers conveyed their points very well!

Ryan Consylman at 06:35 on 6 Aug 2019

I experienced this problem in the past and she did a great job showing both perspectives

Joe Devon at 17:28 on 3 Aug 2019

I was only able to attend the first half before taking a call but Jesse did a great job introducing the topic and working with the audience to workshop through GraphQL and Wordpress. Looking forward to the video so I can catch the second half of it and sharing with my team.