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Mathew Beane at 11:58 on 7 Mar 2016

I had a wonderful time at Midwest PHP again this year. The venue was great, the food was fantastic... there were a ton of great talks and the whole thing just went by too darned fast.

Really looking forward to coming again next year. Thank you Midwest PHP for putting on such a great conference.

Amine matmati at 09:39 on 7 Mar 2016

Great event, thanks to all organizers for the awesome venue, speakers, and organization.

Nick Bartlett at 08:14 on 7 Mar 2016

This conference gets better every year. Thank you Jonathan, Mike, and everybody who helped with this conference!

Riley Major at 16:24 on 5 Mar 2016

Good collection of national (and international) speakers in a convenient location (for me) and affordable price.

The format with 50 minute talks and 10 minutes between felt a little rushed, especially when trying to leave joind.in comments when the talk is fresh.

But arguably talks are more useful when they give you flavor and context for technology rather than deep detail, so I think I support the shorter format. Maybe 45/15 would (1) provide more time between for sponsors visiting and joind.in and (2) force speakers to really adapt talks to a shorter time slot, instead of just speeding through their normal talks.

I would have preferred a buffet meal on Saturday as well but I understand it would increase the cost.

I've seen other conferences sprinkle hand sanitizers about, especially around food. That's probably a good idea with so many people in one place.

I would have preferred a suburban location-- perhaps the hotel at the Mall of America, which is on light rail?

Thanks for all of your efforts putting this together.