Talk comments

This was a good keynote speech. Very high excitement and very good material. I would love to have this presentation to listen to once a year to remind myself of the big picture of coding.

I enjoyed Enrico's presentation. He clearly understands his material and made great points. Even though I'm not anywhere near as advanced as I probably needed to be to fully appreciate the presentation, I felt like I got a good basis of understanding because he made his material understandable to people who aren't as advanced. I did feel like the presenter's energy and volume level could have been higher throughout the presentation.

I wasn't aware of the OWASP top 10 before this presentation. I thought it was a solid, well-articulated presentation.

This was probably tied for one of the best sessions of the conference. Very helpful in thinking through common coding scenarios and how to solve them without multi-level loops. I wish this could be published into a book and made required reading for developers everywhere. Thank you!

I thought the presentation was good and the content was good. The examples were great for understanding the subject matter. I came into the presentation looking for ways that this technology could be used and was disappointed to not find more on the side what problems containers and docker solves. I feel like I understand the technology now without knowing what it's used for.

This made me want to immediately switch to PHP7. I was very happy with the content. My only regret was that the session was over too quickly.

This was a very entertaining talk. I enjoyed the presentation thoroughly. And although I was hoping for a magic bullet, this presentation gave me some real tools to work with.

I thought this was a good session about architecture. It was obvious that Woody understood the material very well. I think it would be valuable for the next time this talk is given to spend more time on the domain model in general. I feel like I could see and make connections during the talk, but after a day, the details got fuzzy. Admittedly, I am probably less advanced of a developer than the target audience for this presentation.

I thought there was a ton of information conveyed through this talk. It was quite dry and hard to keep engaged with the pace that information was being thrown out. I think if there were some way to use illustration or story to keep things interesting and maybe to skip one or two sections, I would have remembered more of the topic.

I thought this was very clever to have a session where the solution is opposite the title of the session. It was also interesting to learn about microservices as I've not had the chance to work with them before. I felt like the familiarization with the technology helped me gain better perspective on where the industry is heading. And that was very worthwhile.