Join us for an evening to take a tour around the Laravel PHP Framework. We'll explore the basics of getting started and tour around the Laravel Ecosystem including local development with Homestead, deployment with Envoy, and building your next great application idea. We'll explore the basics of databases, routing, views, and then into the deep end with model relationships, form requests, testing, and more!


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Dan Fintak at 15:47 on 9 Mar 2018

This was a delightful introduction to Laravel. I could tell that the speaker was able to read the room and adjust for the audience. As a rookie, I much appreciate it.

I really enjoyed this presentation. It seemed really polished but in some spots there was too much information all at once. It would have been nice to have definitions for some of the concepts and then had the examples. For example, I was initially confused by how the database seeders and factories were used and I'm still a little lost on how the ORM interactions with the PHP class because I felt like you threw a lot of concepts out in one slide. Again, awesome presentation.

Great presentation - wish we could have done more but it was a lot for the time we had. It refreshed my memory on the Laravel information I had already dug into.

excellent intro in a short time. Looking forward to going through the slide deck

Wade Wendorf at 09:13 on 10 Mar 2018

Great talk on the latest laravel. Thanks for the great slides and information.

Very useful and looking forward to exploring Laravel on my own. Wish there would have been time for the complete presentation.

I'm sure this would have been more helpful if I had more base knowledge. This definitely wasn't an entry level talk.