Sticks, Spit, and Duct Tape: Advanced Responsive Techniques


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Josh is an outstanding speaker. His demo was filled with relevant examples, a fun interactive component and great information. He has good energy, great delivery and a great sense of humor.

Hi energy, useful demos and examples. Excellent talk!

Entertaining, Informative and once again changes how I plan to layout my sites.

First time watching Josh speak. Tons of energy, very engaged, easy to follow and enjoy. Good breakdown of where we were, are, and heading towards for responsive development. Great way to finish up the conference.

Loved it!!! Josh really delivered!!!

Great tips - Josh is a great presenter

Great information, useful content. Spoke very quickly but was still understandable. Great trick with the low quality image sizing too.

Energetic and funny presenter. Who did a great job of explaining the topic. I learned a lot of new CSS styles that didn't know about before.

Killer talk! Lots of great info!!!

Even a dumb backend developer like me was able to follow along and learn some stuff.

Awesome as always.

Even a dumb backend developer like me was able to follow along and learn some stuff.

Awesome as always.

Great talk, covered the topic in depth without being at all confusing

I've had the privilege of seeing Josh present several times now, and every time I learn something new that I can take back and apply to my workflow. Sometimes - like today - he reinforces that I'm on the right path with my own RWD work, and hearing his perspective gives me more to chew on with how I'm approaching design problems in my own projects.

For example, floats/table-cell/text-align: justify. I use each of these almost every day in my own front-end work, and it seems I'm on the right path since I'm handling these situations exactly as Josh described. I've been hesitant to delve further into flexbox largely due to the limited browser support, but I'm realizing more and more that that's something I just need to get over. Write your code, build in your fallbacks, and you're good. Beyond that, I got some tips about some new tools (the Picturefill JavaScript library that he mentioned in passing - I'm looking that up tonight!), tricks (the 0% image quality trick in PhotoShop blows my mind), and food for thought as I continue in my career.

As always, I appreciated Josh's high energy, and thought he was a perfect speaker to close out the conference. I can't wait to see what he's got in store next time.

Wow! Awesome session/presentation!! High energy, motivational, entertaining, extremely comprehensive, and fully packed with valuable information. I really appreciated the demo. It was not only engaging but offered an interactive illustration of the behaviors of the presented information while reinforcing the learning experience. I have spent my entire career in software development, most recently web development, so found the breakdown of where we were, where we are, and where we're headed to be very interesting as well. This was my first time at this conference and all of my co-workers had told me they thought Josh is an awesome speaker and that his session last year was great. They weren't kidding! Excellent speaker/presenter and content. Josh's session was a great ending to an overall awesome conference. Can't wait to see what he'll have for us at next years conference. Great job Josh, and thank you.

Great talk, very energy, such smart, wow. This guy should close out every conference.

Well done. Fast paced, highly energetic, and informative. Good way to end the day.

Exceptional speaker. He managed to do live coding demos without awkward pauses and distracting technical difficulties while presenting concise summaries of some of the latest wiz-bang tools in front end development. As a backend developer I wasn't sure how interested in this talk I would be, but he managed to pull off one of the most informative and inspiring talks of the event.

This was by far the most entertaining and engaging talk at the conference. However, I will now have to burn Josh at the stake, because most of what he presented was witchcraft.

Josh never ceases to amaze me with fantastic talks. This was so well presented, I wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe give him 2 hours instead of 1.

Fantastic presentation. I too wish we had 2 hours so there'd be time to practice code with you. I"m just learning responsive and your material was very helpful. Thanks.

Josh continues to exceed the expectations. The content was quick, focused, and well presented. I LOVE having the examples to look over, even after the talk. Josh manages to do live demos in a way that actually works, and doesn't take away from the talk.

A very unique way of presenting that is always enjoyable. I really like the information and demos. Great stuff - thanks.

Anonymous at 13:05 on 19 Mar 2014

Outstanding presentation filled with practical knowledge and lots lols!

Really impressive and informative presentation. You beat a lot of stand up comedians to the ground!

As an independent developer, I am the chief cook and bottle washer. Both back end and front end development has always been my responsibility.

I am one of the older dudes who had to force himself to abandon tables and use css for site layout. Seem the kids these days have no idea how difficult that was!

Now, it seems, laying out the front end is child's play!

Thanks for the talk!

Simple, lively, delivered critical best practices from somebody working with cutting edge as well as stable/legacy frontend solutions.

Granted a toolbox of options at addressing the ever-present issue of mobile-responsible layout.