Building Testable PHP Applications


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Absolutely awesome talk on TDD. I love the energy, subject matter and the way it was presented. I will be buying both of your books after hearing your talk.

Thank you Chris!

Was very helpful and a better intro to unit tests. Look forward to reading the books.

Fabulous! Possibly the best presentation of the whole conference. I really admire your passion for the topic. Thanks so much!

Great talk, have heard a lot of people discussing testing and how great the talk was after. Only advice would be to slow down just a little, it could definitely use a larger time slot.

I wish I had this topic when I was learning to program in college. One could spend a whole semester learning better development techniques and practice dependency injection with/without containers, how to design classes better, how to properly make tests and become a better programmer overall.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the class naming, since it was just a little abstract. Yeah, I can have a Grumpy\Presentation::say() method, but a more traditional example of User::fetch() might help us understand faster. Instead of figuring out "What the heck is a say()?", we would be familiar with a User object and would know that fetch() grabs from a database and now I'd look for the differences between what's in my head and what you have on the slide.

You talked a lot down into your phone, which didn't affect the projection of your voice, but did seem like you were less engaged with your audience.

Even with those things, I think this type of talk should be mandatory until a programmer does start thinking about testing while they are designing code. Usually a programmer programs with the goal of "does it work" and shifting the mindset of "can I prove that it works" is difficult. Adding an "automatically" to the concept is also hard and I'm thankful you're trying to push all of the developers in the correct direction!

This was definitely another of those should've-been-a-double-session talks. Still, an awesome talk and very clearly presented. I'm finally getting it with building testable applications, thanks to Chris' efforts and today's talk really drove it home for me. +1 on Tyler's comments - the phone-for-remote thing was occasionally odd, especially since the regular remotes that others were using include a laser pointer, eliminating the need to use a hand to point out parts of the code on screen.

I probably wouldn't be able to be as convincing as Chris to convince you to practice TDD (or at least to write tests!) but I can at least tell you that it was an excellent talk, in the hope that you'll attend to a repeat, and be convinced in turn! :-)

For those wondering, I use the Keynote remote on my phone to drive the presentation, and it shows me my notes. Without those notes I ramble on too much.

So it wasn't that I was ignoring you all, I just needed to stay on target with the notes.

Great talk and very inspiring, but it has the same problem as any testing talk: lots of ideas but no real life examples.

Anonymous at 06:59 on 4 Mar 2013

This was a great intro to TDD ... it really meshed well with the SOLID talk, relating how the SOLID concepts make your app more testable. It got me thinking very differently about how to decompose things to make them testable.

Excellent talk as promised!!! Keep up the great work grmpy!

Excellent talk! It did require users to have a little higher knowledge of PHP but that was mentioned upfront so expectations were set. Great use of code examples and showing how things can be done along with "gotchas". Help really enforce some of the items from the SOLID talk as well!

Great talk! Only surpassed in entertainment value by the "lightening" talk at the conference wrap-up, but definitely the most practical take away from the conference. Don't cut me dude--I'll get the book/s.

Great testing talk. I would like to see more code examples that go from bad code to testable code using the suggestions in the talk.

As good as expected. Looking forward to the next talk.