Enterprise PHP Architecture through Design Patterns and Modularization


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This is my second time seeing this talk and Aaron really refined and expanded it. Good information and practical examples. Accessible for people totally new to the topic, but also useful for experienced devs too.

Anonymous at 14:30 on 2 Mar 2013

Good presenter, interesting take on ORM... err, I mean data object models. Didn't go into as much of theoretical or alternate options as I was hoping, but hey, he did say it was practical in the description.

Beginning was a little too "texty", but not sure how it could be better to express that much information. Code brought things together, and well explained examples. Overall a great presentation.

This was an AWESOME talk. I love how the information was presented, how it was organized and the message. It really drives home the philosophies of enterprise application architecture. Really well done.

The only suggestion I'll make is to include a bit on dependency injection for configuring the services (even if it's just a mention), as it will make the final "mysql -> as400" transition just a configuration change.

Again, I don't think it detracted anything from the talk, and it really is a minor point that may just make a slight bit more of a connection...

Fantastic talk. The perfect balance of humor, general concepts and code examples. Aaron is obviously a practiced speaker.

Anonymous at 17:23 on 2 Mar 2013

I agree with Anthony. So I'll just configure Anthony for this comment and inject him into it. Really, a great talk and a great speaker.

Went in wondering how much I really knew about application architectures that lead to nicely decoupled code, found out that I did understand all the necessary concepts.

Would've liked to see more code examples, but Aaron is a great speaker and I'm glad I went.

Anonymous at 09:26 on 3 Mar 2013

Easily the best talk I saw during day 1, which is saying something because Adam Culp's session on Refactoring was similarly compelling. I went into it thinking the subject matter might have been a little advanced for my current skill set, but once Aaron got through his quick overview of OOP, I knew I was in the right place. His presentation was high-energy, engaging, interesting, and relevant, which is everything I could want from a speech. Excellent job.

One of the best talks of Day 1. I knew it was going to be amazing and it lived up to my expectations 100%. The only complaint I have is that we didn't get to dig deeper into a real world example.

Was very easy to follow Aaron. Probably one of my favorite talks of the day. Great method of explaining concept and then relating it with an example. Seemed that some had a hard time following the code example though as we were going through quite a few files. Not sure how to do that better than Arron did though.

Great Talk Well done!!!

Loved the talk. Great car examples.

I liked the layout of the slides and the natural progression of the talk. It explained the concepts quite clearly with the examples.

Great presentation, definitely one of my top 2 or 3 talks!

Excellent talk! I would love to learn more about how this design can be applied with frameworks such as Yii.

I will definitely be buying books after this conference to keep up to speed with everything that was talked about :)

Great stuff - wasn't sure where it was going until the last couple slides and then had the ah-ha moment.

Good analogies. Kept me engaged through some concepts that could get dull in a hurry.