37 attended
Host: WEBdeBS
Event Website: http://nodejsconf.it/

Which type of application can we build with Node.js? How?
How do people use this wonderful piece of technology in real web development?
To answer to all these questions (and others) we decided to organize this conference.

Behind this conference there is WEBdeBS - the name stands for Web Developers Brescia, the city in Italy we all come from - a group of people sharing a strong passion for everything related to the web (but not only).
Thanks also Grusp for the support!

We meet from time to time to talk about software, software development, frameworks, programming, web/mobile and client/server technologies, and social media communication. Geek’s talk basically! (but not only). Sometimes we meet to share presentations, some other to chat till night, drinking a pirlo (a typical local drink) or a beer.

This conference is born with this spirit : not strictly a commercial or promotional event, but rather a gathering organized using time, passion and willingness taken away from our daily working life.
From the community for the community.