Talk comments

Thanks for the feedback, as Stefano Paluello say im a geek but i'd love to get better at presenting so i really appreciate the feedback!

I agree that prominent peaks and building up to them could help in getting the audience engaged. I think adding more structure to the talk and being more upbeat would be good.

I have now got the parts to build the Arduino robot, so next time i will build up to that :).

Another nice interesting tech talk

Really nice and interesting this lap around how node is working thanks to the discussion about CommonJS

Really interesting talk.
The guy is a geek not an "evangelist" or a PR, and you can see it. I think also the subject is not really easy but it was one of the most interesting, IMHO.

I simply started to use Cloud9 (at least trying it) after this talk.

I liked it. A nice way to share an actual experience and how to face real problems.

Really nice talk with some good ideas.
I'm not agree with all the things but... another point of view.
Really nice.

I don't like keynote... but this was nice!

Very good presenter, I enjoyed this quite a lot.