Practical Refactoring


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Great intro to refactoring. I think it did a good job of making the case for refactoring. I would like to have seen more on refactoring operations, but that might be a more intermediate talk.

Very informative, and your speaking was clear and easy to understand. So, thank you skoop!

Great intro, lots of example of actual refactoring.

An informative and smooth talk. Stefan is clearly comfortable speaking. I liked the code examples, especially going from really old style php to something more modern. But that's the one gripe I have too - "practical" means "doing." More practical code examples would make this an even better talk. Stefan mentioned PHP Storm's use in refactoring; again it would be great to have some more specific examples, maybe a short demonstration using it.

Anonymous at 20:59 on 22 Aug 2013

Title was misleading, was more of a Introduction to Refactoring (what is refactoring), than solid practical advice on refactoring.

Practical examples and hammered in some TDD principals to boot! The topic was general enough that just about any developer could have followed the talk and come away with more. Well done!

A great introduction. Also the practicality of the talk comes from practical advice such as "make small refactors every time you touch a piece of code" so that you're always refctoring and don't have to worry about selling the managers on it.

For me it was an informative and useful talk. Examples were a good addition for all users (not PHP framework specific). Thanks for this presentation.

I found the talk to be well designed and gave me a good overview on one way to look at refactoring and how it can be beneficial. I also liked how he made it a point to talk about unit testing the code to help keep code stability and functionality in place. Lastly, code examples were great for the example he was using.

Anonymous at 07:20 on 27 Aug 2013

Enjoyed the talk - excellent bit of advice about not changing the tests! Thanks! @codebyjeff

I really enjoyed this intro talk. Being able to explain why we should be refactoring to our clients and offering a basic guide on how to refactor safely is a lot of help.

There wasn't time available, but in a longer talk I'd like to see more examples of refactoring different styles of problems...although, again I think your selection was dead on with only time to do one.

So, overall - Great talk. I'd like to see it in a full 1 hr or even 1:30 format. Making it a mini-workshop would be AMAZING!

Thank you!

I enjoyed the talk, Stefan is a very calm speaker and easy to listen to.

As far as content goes, I would have liked a little more in-depth. I agree with the comment "it's more an introduction to refactoring", I expected more from the title of the talk as well. But I obviously don't agree with the 1-thumb rating, it's still a good talk to get aquainted with refactoring.

Best touched subjects where selling refactoring to your customers (or perhaps to yourself), and when *not* to refactor.

Thanks Stefan!

Interesting and informative talk which was easy to follow.

Was probably a little closer to the 'introduction to refactoring' level than I was hoping for, but I still took away some useful tips.