Scaling PHP with HipHop


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Really enjoyed this talk. Was very enlightening to see how some of PHP's bottlenecks are being solved.

Wow! Great info! Sara is very approachable and quite knowledgeable. Excellent talk.

Awesome talk. A lot of cool stuff being made to improve PHP.

This was an amazing talk and i look forward to using PHP and Hip Hop.

Awesome! I am definitely going to rewatch this talk! I can't think of any way it could be better.

After 10 years I finally got to see Sara speak and it was everything I thought it would be!

Learned some new things about HHVM despite having already spent a bunch of time looking into it before (and even contributing to help ZF2 tests run), visually great slide deck, and authoritative and engaging delivery.

Fascinating stuff, thank you very much Sara!

Hearing for the first time.

Impressed. Great talk!