Vagrant for PHP Developers


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was a good whistle stop tour and makes it obvious there's lots to cover to get comfortable with using vagrant.

as a newbie to vagrant, i was hoping for something a little more specific rather than so many options. I still don't feel like I know where to start.

I really enjoyed the talk! I would have liked to see more on integrating Vagrant into a development workflow and how to best version control a configuration and share with coworkers to ensure the same environment. All in all, very good information. Thanks!

Anonymous at 21:12 on 22 May 2014

Good job! I like your talk! You did a great job in fulfilling the aim of this talk: "An overview about Vagrant and its main provisioners".
I could not find an improvement other than seeing even more demos from you :)
Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Erika did a great job of giving an overview of the vagrant ecosystem and how it plays with provisioners. The slides were helpful and the examples chosen were well crafted to quickly convey information.

The overall issue is this is such a broad topic and time is short, so where do you go?

I believe for the format of NomadPHP Erika achieved a good balance.

IMO I would rather have seen discussion either be high level or low level, in terms of pick one provisioner, and go through a full walk through of how it works, starting from downloading and installing Vagrant on the host machine. (However this would require more time then allotted in the context of NomadPHP)

This talk gave me a lot of ideas and I took a lot of notes, but I'm not fully up to speed to go off and do this on my own.

Very awesome presentation and talk with demos on Nomad PHP about Vagrant. I'll have to use Vagrant more in my development process. Currently I use only Virtualbox and phpbrew. It's a mess, hehe. I'm not yet very familiar with all the Vagrant options and the work flow with multiple operating systems. I've liked the Symfony framework sync example since I use it mostly. Overall nothing to complain. Kind regards.

It was a good intro to vagrant. I understand there is too much stuff to cover with all the provisioners and we can find all that information online and in Erica's book, but the talk was lacking a bit of substance.

Also, I feel that it should have been mentioned that the easiest way to actually provision a dev box in vagrant is with shell scripts.

Given the format it was a nice introduction and I would like to see a second more detailed talk about one of the provisioners.

I really liked the overview of the new features in vagrant and the examples of how to use them.

I really liked the overview of the new features in vagrant and the examples of how to use them.

Onething I found a problem is the pronunciation of Task in Ansible.
I thought you were telling Test until I see the slide.

It would have been good if you have shown some command how to run the phansible or pupphet once it is downloaded.