Talk comments

Peter Aba at 15:37 on 25 Jan 2016

Very professional presentation. Not too fast, not too slow, very clear and articulate. Congrats!

I have to admit the content wasn't that interesting for me, but I'm happy I saw it. (I was going to give it 5 thumbs, but the description "Great info & insight" represents my feeling somewhat better than "Brilliant". Very good presenter however!)

Colin had a great presentation style and flow. I learned a surprisingly large number of things about commonmark in the lightning talk format. I look forward to seeing more talks from him!

Great presentation by Mike, who knows a lot on the topic of APIs. This talk was a nice high-level view of the many things you should be thinking about and doing when developing an API. Very informative and well-paced for an online presentation. Definitely worth the money. :-) Thanks Mike and NomadPHP.

I really enjoyed the higher level discussion as it covered some of the best or better practices, especially, the hypertext and error standards.