Nomad PHP is an group of developers who gather once a month to continue learning. We host meetings featuring top speakers from around the world. Each month we bring you new opportunities to learn and grow as a PHP developer.

Thursday 19th January 2017

19:00 Transparent Session Management with Sessionz
Talk by Eric Mann (10 minutes)

Sessionz is a new PHP library that adds a custom session manager to your application. On top of this custom manager, you can mix any number of specific handlers into a stack to deal with your data: - Write sessions out to the default, filesystem-based session store. - Cache session data in-memory for faster reads (and faster performance). - Encrypt stored data so it’s protected at rest. - Synchronize data to an external storage system so multiple application servers can reference it. In this lightning talk I’ll cover both what Sessionz is (how it handles sessions transparently within your application), how it works (the SplStack implementation of callback handlers), and how you can extend it with your own custom handlers.

Containing Chaos with Kubernetes
Talk by Terrence Ryan (1 hour)

Okay, you’ve made the move to containers and can now write Dockerfiles for everything. How do you manage all of those containers? Have you found that you traded managing individual machines for managing individual containers? Kubernetes, an Open Source container orchestration engine, can be your answer. We’ll explore Kubernetes and see how you can use it to run massive collections of containers that fix their own problems and allow you to move your setup wherever you need to be.