Talk comments

I have installed and used nginx for a project, but had never tweaked it to the extent described in this talk. It certainly gives me some ideas and settings to consider as well as some caveats to avoid.

Awesome talk - a real eye-opener and useful talk for those that have been trawling the web for many hours on installing and configuring nginx and php-fpm. Has helped me in better understanding these two software especially from someone who is speaking from both experience and having also read the source/docs on them.

Anonymous at 21:38 on 18 Dec 2014

As a newbie who has little experience with Nginx I found the presentation eye opening as to the possibilities and capabilities of nginx.

Thanks Evan!

Ooooo.... I hope I get the spambot question right...

Excellent talk! Really useful and intellectually generous.

Awesome talk that gave a ton of details into tuning nginx and lots of great explanations of configuration options

Honestly, the only thing I think might have made the talk better (especially in the drier technical part) would be carrying the Top Gun references through a little bit.

I don't deal with setting up web servers any more, but still found this deeper dive interesting from a developer's perspective.

Great talk. I think I may have to switch from apache. Learned a lot, thanks!

Hey Evan, great talk...appreciate the insight and looking forward to digging deeper.

I've never used Varnish before. While I may not use it for the trick you showed, it got me thinking about other ways to use it. Thanks!

Awesome talk that gave a lot of good info about typed PHP with some great and easy to understand examples