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Chris Brown at 10:39 on 6 Aug 2016

... and thanks for bringing NEPHP to Atlantic Canada! Please come back here often!

Chris Brown at 10:37 on 6 Aug 2016

One of the things I loved about this conference was the relaxed friendly atmosphere. Everyone, from organizers to speakers to attendees, was friendly and happy to engage in conversation on a wide range of subjects.

The pace of the conference felt comfortable: the 1-hour slots left room for Q&A but also for hallway chatter and bathroom breaks.

The speakers were excellent: they all brought both their personalized practical experience, as well as a willingness to put it on display in front of a crowd but with no "agenda" other than to share and help encourage/educate/inspire others.

The venue was beautiful, and very functional. Hotel staff entirely friendly and helpful, and one didn't have to hunt very hard to find someone if needed.

The food at lunch was great: good variety of choices, and lots available. (Breakfast offerings were much more slim, but still good.)

The organizers are a passionate bunch, with a generous attitude and a desire to see everyone get great value from attending. I know the stress of organizing huge events, and I didn't see the organizers fretting from any of that. They were calm and prepared and set the tone and pace for a great experience.

I look forward to future NEPHP events!

Granitize at 10:41 on 4 Aug 2016

I am here @ Machine Learning!