Talk comments

You put the link to the incorrect slides.

Kris Olafson at 12:40 on 12 Aug 2017

This was pretty cool.. now I want to get my code on PHP 7 sooner :)

Kris Olafson at 12:39 on 12 Aug 2017

Pretty interesting subject and offered a level headed point of view.

Kris Olafson at 12:37 on 12 Aug 2017

I really enjoyed this talk. Gave me some new attack vectors to worry about :D

Kris Olafson at 12:36 on 12 Aug 2017

Great talk! Lots of helpful resources and statistics to back up the importance of this subject.

That presentation was just BRILLIANT, I perfectly knew the subject but won't be able to produce such a high quality talk!
Very well done Sammy!
Please, submit to PHPBenelux :)

Philippe Gamache at 16:24 on 11 Aug 2017

Very nice presentation. And I did cut my tongue exactly the same way.

Good information. Agree with the comment above, some of the slides were hard to read.

Ryan Welcher at 12:59 on 11 Aug 2017

Thanks for sharing the processes. My only comment would be to reduce the amount of text on the slides to promote readability.

Ryan Welcher at 12:57 on 11 Aug 2017

Great talk - I really enjoyed! You covered a lot of complex content well without getting bogged down in the details.