Professional-grade software design


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Great talk. Such profession. Wow.

Well organized, stuffed to the brim with awesome information, and clearly communicated. The example for the early return (add 3 ints) seemed a little contrived due to the glaring lack of &&'s, could potentially use a better example for that point specifically. Overall, I loved the talk...I want a cheat sheet of all the principles/points to tape to my monitor...

Anonymous at 10:10 on 23 Aug 2015

I got more out of this talk than any other talk in the conference by far.

Not only does he clearly explain the how of making code better but he also makes it clear why you would make these changes.

I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but his talk was like drinking from a fire hose. One great idea after another.

The only way this talk would have been better is if we gave Brian 3 hours to go through each tip in more detail. I also like how Brian referenced from where he learned each tip, rather than just preaching. I'm planning to print out the "summary" slide and go through it with my code and see what I can apply.