Talk comments

A very nice overview to CI. References to good practices and tools were nice, this definitely helps to revise our own processes. Thanks!

This talk was excellent introduction to BDD. Thanks for mentioning Behat too, we'll definitely take both PHPSpec2 and Behat to our toolbox!

Very good talk on _why_ you should log and monitor your app. You only touched it briefly but I wanted more on _how_ to do it in terms of exception handling and how not to clutter up your methods with logging. The examples and the demo worked very well.

Great talk! I'm sure some of those who haven't contributed to open source before will do it after your speech.

Very inspiring talk! Well prepared and good slides. I usually don't like demos but your example worked very well as live coding.

Cool! I will try out spec now. Inspiring, great pace and well planned content. As an added bonus for the 5 star rating, the demo went great and allowed us to see in practise how everything is REALLY done. I love a hands on approach.

Even tho this was by video stream it actually went really well! Gotta love technology. The long extended answers Fabien gave to all the questions were certainly really interesting.

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