Talk comments

Anonymous at 12:25 on 8 Dec 2015

Thank you for your talk! It was very clear, nice mix of explanation and demo.
I came with little to no knowledge about psr-7 and left levelling up.

A remark about the content, would be great if you start your talk with explaining the problem psr-7 solves. At the end you showed the problem briefly but would be great to start with it and go a little bit in depth.

In the beginning your speech and grammar was excellent but nearing the end it was getting lesser.

I enjoyed it very much and look forward to hearing you give a talk in the future.

Great talk on an interesting topic.

- Presented with a lot of passion and sense of humor
- Good understanding of the subject, also when answering questions afterwards
- Switching between demo's and presentation keeps things interesting and fresh
- Good structure of the presentation, basic things explained first before moving on the the more advanced stuff
- Encouraging people to ask questions afterwards

Constructive criticism:
- Maybe a bit long
- PHPStorm theme was not the best choice
- Open all examples in the same PHPStorm instance?

Great talk.

Loved the examples showing basic implementations. I would try using 1 phpStorm project and the internal CLI to reduce the window jumping.

Interesting talk about PSR-7, and even going one step beyond that explaining how to write packages that are not dependent on a specific implementation of the interfaces.

The fact that your demos are available on GitHub is a major plus.

Excellent talk. One of the best I've seen you do.

I agree with the general remarks of the people above.

Anonymous at 15:02 on 26 Nov 2015

Very useful and interesting talk. Liked how you explained that both the Guzzle and Zend implementations could be used and switched without any problem. Might be useful to also explain why one would choose e.g. Guzzle instead of Zend and why one implementation might be better.

Please use the default theme, this one isn't that great ;)

- Dirk

Great talk. I really liked the switching between the slides and live demo's (which is always risky)

You might want to test other colors for you editor when showing code. The light theme was barely readable.

Excellent content and very well-chosen examples, including live demos which is always a nice extra touch. Keep an eye on time and I'm sure you'll do great at the conference!

This was a very interesting talk about PSR-7.

- Don't forget to fix the slide with "return $response" :)

- Demo's are fine the way you brought them. But do think about the aspect that a conference might not have (decent) internet. Then the calls to github would fail.
Maybe, if you already haven't, foresee a fallback in the form of video's

No real remarks, it was loud and clear :)