What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Hi Fred,

Thanks for the feedback. The full descriptions, where given, were on the web page accessible from mobile phones or laptops. Unfortunately, due to the screen resolution, it seemed a bit difficult to put more in than just the title we had.

With regards to the main stage "headliners", as I mentioned in my response before, I only had what was on the oggcamp.org website to go by, and I didn't get a chance to follow up with the presenters what their talks were on. It's a valid point, and it's something I'll be more attentive over next time, assuming they trust my software next time, and there is a next time!

About the name badges - that one is outside my area (I just did the software), but I know the organisers will be using everything submitted here to make the next one (if there is one, I'm sure there will be though :) ) even better!

All the best,


Anonymous at 11:29 on 23 Aug 2012


I would like to congratule the OggCamp crew for this great event.

It was the firt time I had attended to OggCamp. I hope I'll be able to attend the
next edition.

I have two suggestions for the next OggCamp :

- name badges

- full description of talks on CampFireManager (for some talks there was only the name of the speaker)

Fred Couchet

Hi Alan, as the poor idiot populating the main track on the grid, I only had what was on http://oggcamp.org/schedule/ to go by. I was only populating it on the day before the event, so I didn't take the time to find out what people were actually talking on. I'm very sorry about that. You weren't the only person who mentioned it, but my plan had been to find the main track speakers and assign their talks over to them so that they could update them. Of course, CFM didn't quite run to plan that morning, so I didn't get around to doing it. Again, all I can do is apologise. I hope people will give you feedback on your talk, and I've got a ticket [1] in the ticket tracker for CFM to hopefully make this all a bit better for the next event!

[1] https://github.com/CampFireManager/cfm2/issues/131

This was my first OggCamp. I thought it was a good move having a main track that was there in case of issues with CFM et al.
As a main track speaker, I wished I had either been better organised or I had been asked to give more detail about the content of my talk other than it saying "Alan O'Donohoe" on the schedule. As there was a mass exodus at the end of Ross' talk - I was glad I'm not such a sensitive soul, otherwise I would have been upset. I just wondered were they leaving because they thought/knew my talk was not relevant or because they didn't know what it was about. I guess I'll never know!

Sadly only made the one day, so missed out some talks and things I wanted to do, but the talks I did see were well presented and informative, as well as inspiring. The geeknic was nice and the QA with Stephen Fry, though pre-recorded, was fun and still felt quite personal. Bring on '13!

Loved all the previous OggCamps, loved this one. Always something new and interesting to find out about, and full of lovely, friendly, talented people who are happy to talk, explain and have a laugh.

If OggCamp 13 is on The Moon, i'll be there.

OggCamp goes from strength to strength each year, and this year was no exception.

The official hotel was adequate for our needs, i.e. somewhere to rest our head each night and a good, hearty breakfast to set us on our way in the mornings. You get what you pay for!

The university venue was brilliant; it ticked all the boxes for an unconference and had a robust wifi connection that stood up to 400 delegates hammering it :) It was better on Sunday when the exhibitors and cafe were also moved down into the LG area; maybe we could have also then moved the open hardware demo area into the recently vacated exhibition area - save my poor legs climbing up all those stairs. Leaf did excellent cakes and coffees, and there was always nearby Tesco Express for every other catering need.

The talks get better each year, a good selection and range of subjects to cater for nearly everyone's tastes. I'm glad that the talks are video'd and made available, so I can get to watch the good ones that I missed due to being scheduled against a talk that I was attending. This way, I don't miss out on a thing.

This year's change in format for the live show didn't float my boat and was hampered by technical/sound issues beyond the participants control. I would love to see the joint LO/UUPC live show return for future OggCamps; maybe a joint podcast quiz could be held as the evenings entertainment after day one? The raffle was as entertaining as ever, with added auctions this time, and was a nice way to end the event.

The people who make up our community are diverse, interesting,and generous with their time and knowledge, and I look forward to meeting up with them again each year. The people make this event for me - the organisers, the crew, the sponsors, the exhibitors, the delegates, and that is why I return year after year.

I now also feel the need to note that (presumably) for my comment above about the quiz, I received the following comment on twitter directly from one of the quiz hosts:


I don't expect to receive that kind of personal call out for feedback that was solicited by oggcamp itself. It's not going to stop me, but I think a lot of people would be put off from providing feedback if they thought they were going to get a response like that from one of the speakers involved.

Anonymous at 11:52 on 21 Aug 2012

Some very good talks this year, and it was nice to meet new people but it did seem a bit manic at times people not knowing what was going on. Very disappointed in the lack of a live show this was one of my main reasons for going along this year as I'd heard they were good. The quiz didn't really appeal to me. If it's done again can you do a live show like before.

This was a great venue and if it is ever offered again for a future oggcamp or similar event, the organisers should bite their hands off to get it.

Camp Fire Manager clearly has its issues but overall I think it worked pretty well. I would like to see an easy way to have it show my personal agenda, after I have confirmed for talks. I would also like to see lightning talks scheduled in CFM. Another thing I found awkward about CFM's main grid display is that it always displayed the whole day even though it might have been 3pm, i.e. I'd always be scrolling down the screen from 11am to the afternoon every time I tried to look at it.

The geeknic was nice (thanks weather gods) and the photo project was another good touch - seeing everyone on the big screen at the end enhanced community feeling.

The main track talks this year weren't really to my taste but you can't please everyone, so I'll say no more about that. There was still plenty to see.

I would have much preferred a live show organised by the people behind UUPC/LO. They know how to produce something which works both to a live audience and as a podcast, and I'm afraid I can't say the same about the quiz.

The venue worked out very well. Registration wasn't smooth and was very slow, but the event got underway just a bit late.

A bit more flexibility for when talks are run would be good, especially more lightning talks would be welcomed. CFM was very useful in this particular venue with the rooms spread about, so ideally it could handle variable length slots and lightning talks.

Moving the cafe on day 2 was a shame, as it left very little space for people to sit down and have lunch or use laptops etc. The cafe service itself was very nice, but more food choices for lunch would be nice. There were some sandwich shops, but all closed - maybe contact them next time?

Bring back the live show format!

Great venue. A few bumps with the wifi and having the reception desk in the "wrong" place on day 1. Looking forward to '13 :D