Talk comments

Anonymous at 23:53 on 14 Sep 2012

It was very good.

Anonymous at 22:43 on 24 Aug 2012

I loved the recruitment talk. So passionate and straight to the point. A definite highlight of the weekend. Same as the "I've got 4 half finished apps on my phone for counting weightwatchers points. And I'm still fat!" Loved that!

Anonymous at 22:40 on 24 Aug 2012

I found this pretty funny, but despite lots of setting up, it still took a long time to get into it. The thing is, whilst this was funny, it wasn't anywhere near as funny and the UUPC and LO crossover live show. Can we please go back to this?

Anonymous at 22:32 on 24 Aug 2012

Disagree with the comment about it being steered off course. Interesting concepts but ruined by a speaker who seemed to have quite a big ego and using insane metaphors like he was going to rewrite people's genetic code and that all civil servants are robots until he's deprogrammed them to be human again.

Stephen Fry - pure genius - still makes me smile. Full marks to Dan. If you don't ask, you don't get! A very positive message wrapped in his inimitable style and humour.

Live next year??

Anonymous at 08:38 on 24 Aug 2012

An interesting talk. The main message was find your own expertise and stick to it. Find other people's expertise and compliment one another. Personally I fined this much more effective than the "I can do it all" approach.

Perhaps the session was too focused on the speakers own experiences, but this approach did provide a context for the position being taken and the arguments made. Less context would certainly have worked and would have seemed less self-indulgent. At least there were admissions of mistakes as well as successes along with lots of credits to many others work.

I should point out that I think the previous commentator misunderstood the "kids" point. It was used to emphasise the need to do more than "the right thing". The response I heard to the "I won't have kids" argument was not the one suggested above, but an assertion that everyone's lives change and while an individual might choose not to have kids there will, for most people, be a reason why compromises have to be made on occasion. The speaker felt being in a position to compromise in the areas of choice was more important than trying to change the world all in one go.

Anonymous at 22:05 on 23 Aug 2012

Won the Open Labs laptop bag. Loved seeing Popey running up and down the stairs, and loved that halfway up the stairs to giving me my bag he said "This job is shit". Loved the auction too, really added something to the atmosphere.

Anonymous at 22:00 on 23 Aug 2012

Great, great talk! My friend who is non geeky loved it and got it too. Mark of a good talk.

A bit chaotic. Popey's buzzer was deafening, whilst the buzzers worked and the scorecard went off the screen when it went into double figures. Matt tried to decapitate half the audience with used question cards. Fab was confused by the "Tux From Above". Andy Piper was the only person who knew what the score was.
Still there were many good bits and much fun and laughter abounded.

Ideas for next time would be :-
1) reduce the number of contestants - two for each team would reduce the amount of chaos and allow each person to be heard.
2) Get Andy Piper to run the scorecard machine!
3) Keep the "Tux From Above" but explain to Fab what it's all about first ;)