What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Brilliant event! Warm, Passionate and vibrant community. Like a software rave with physical withdrawals.

It has given me the courage to step out from behind my monitor a bit more.

Another review blog: http://t.co/IYdF6pq6Kk

Found this review blog: http://blog.breez.me.uk/2013/10/oggcamp-13.html

I'm guessing that I put any feedback here; there were two-three comments that I overheard/were mentioned, so to summarise..

Some wanted a 'break' or 'chill out' space, this kinda existed with the beanbags but not really as I was probably getting in the way of people. If it was possible to have these in a room with power points then that might be nice but perhaps security of peoples things not being in plain view could be an issue / might be easy to leave things there.

A cloak room, maybe, would be good. People such as myself had checked out of their hotels so were moving/carrying a lot of stuff around. This just gets in the way and ends up hitting people (sorry people). Sometimes a raffle ticketing system (which you then pin/attach to coathanger(s) and hand the ticket back to the person) and a small charge for leaving your items can help bring in some support for the oggcamp.

My legs got cramped up in the main stage area, but fortunately I was able to find a suitable place to sit and stretch my legs.

It was my first oggcamp, I enjoyed it and I shall be returning :) along with spreading the word about it !

Thanks :D

On the venue:
Loved the layout. It made much more sense to have all the non-main-stage rooms in the same space. Having the registration desk at the front helped out too - and it was great having the projector rendering the timetable in the registration area. Ideally, this would have been more publicised - I only realised it was there on the Saturday afternoon, and then forgot it again on the Sunday. Aside from the beanbags, I didn't really feel like there were many places to sit down and talk to people, especially as the coffee shop area was very popular and busy. I ended up sitting in a corridor and felt very in the way!

On the locations inside the venue:
The open hardware space felt a little crowded, perhaps it might have made more sense to put the tables with the mugs on them down the middle of that space (mostly unused), and have a table or two around the bottom of the stairs. The individual rooms were well equipped, and a good size for the number of attendees.

On the attendees:
I'm always struck with how friendly and relaxed people are at OggCamp. I don't know whether this is a testament to how well run the event is, or how relaxing the venue is, or whether we're all just amazing ( :) ) but it shone out time and time again.

On the socials:
I think it might have been a bit better to reduce the time between the day event finishing and the evening socials starting. I appreciate people may wish to go back to their hotels before coming out, but it feels a bit like dead space to me.

On the whole event:
Just amazing. Thank you!