Talk comments

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my talk. I had a great chat with some guys afterwards for over an hour following on from this talk (thanks to those guys). It was amazing to hear the discussions as to how within the security supply chain, it only takes one influencer to completely wreck a secure system and even introduce some of the most horrendous cases of insecurity I've heard. However, it was also interesting chatting to a journalist who has to be public with their info, the balance between worlds.

The venue was very nice, but I didn't like the small table setup, as people tended to stay in relatively small groups for the night. The food was good, and I don't want to complain about the amount of FREE food, but a lot of people stated that Dan raised the expectations about the amount a bit too much when he warned us not to eat before coming after the live podcast.

Anonymous at 12:55 on 24 Oct 2013

Interesting talk, I hope the OS does well. I did find it funny that the speaker simulated Firefox's late entry to the market by arriving 10 minutes late himself!

I didn't get to many talks this year, but I'm glad I made this one. Much food for thought.

Gutted I missed this. There's always space for a different way to do things. I think I made a mistake by hitting claim. I was meaning to take a copy of the lecture, If it means I delivered it, I didn't. it wasn't my lecture, however much I'd have liked it to be!!!

This was a funny and informative talk a la freakyclown's talks however without the terrifying bits. Tobias really highlighted what's great about FOSS (the "it's broken so I'll fix it" attitude) and a few things that are wrong with education.

Also the realization that a fairly technical audience had basically no idea how git works was quite hilarious.

For a talk that was prepared very quickly it covered it the topics really well. It took me from a complete newbie to having a fairly good idea what's going on and where to start with building a quad-copter.

I wasn't entirely sure what was going to be covered in this talk but by the end of it I was starting to consider working in the Automotive Software after my degree. Alison really knows her stuff and gave thoughtful answers to the questions raised.

Anonymous at 11:37 on 23 Oct 2013

The venue was really nice, maybe a little too nice if I'm honest. The sheer amount of people that turned up made it very squashed and also encouraged people to break off and set up camp with no chance to mingle which is a shame.

The food was nice but by the time they got to the far sides of the room there wasn't much left, people need to remember that the food was free though, budget only goes so far and OggCamp didn't need to provide anything.

More room and cheaper beer is all I can suggest for next year. Well done guys, it was a nice night.

Anonymous at 11:24 on 23 Oct 2013

Excellent talk by the FreakyClown, we all had high expectations and he certainly met them. The talk was fascinating, it was surprising how lax some big companies are in regards to their online and physical security.

The live demo was great, and the guy who volunteered was very brave, definitely would like to see more demos in his next talk.

And his intro is spot on, it is the perfect balance of information and comedy, I'll echo what someone further up said, he shouldn't change a thing!

Only request is that he is allowed even more time next year for Q&A