Open Source, Love, and Social Responsibility


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A very good talk, and quite inspiring as a keynote should be. My only gripe is that it seemed like some of the analogies Davey made weren't entirely logically sound. Not a big deal, but as a logic guy it grated a little bit. Still, overall it was a very good talk and helps underline that we developers are not somehow removed from the social problems of the real world.

Great talk! Touched on a number of things that I wish more keynote presenters would discuss, and then gave us all a challenge and a very real way to make the world a better place. Great way to ground us back into the real world.

I'm biased because a tweet of mine was featured in this talk, but it was such a great talk to start out with. Not super technical, but more about the motivations behind what we do, and what we should be looking to do in the world with our work. Really got me pumped up and brought the question of "What are you waiting for?" to the forefront for me.

A nice keynote to open the conference. I enjoyed Davey's deep dive into the number of lines of code pertaining to the open source software we all work with - it really brings to light how everyone's contributions can add up. The focus on other ways we can make a difference were inspiring, as well, and I think it was a good way to get folks' wheels spinning as they head into a day full of presentations.

Good talk, definitely inspiring.
Maybe a little too dramatic?... :)

There's so much hype in tech about "changing the world", but when you narrowly define "the world" as the tiny domain you occupy, it doesn't mean that much. I liked Davey recalibrating what it actually means to change the world in a positive way.