15 Protips for MySQL users


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Wow! Teacher like presentation, hitting hard with a cluebat. Thanks!

Great tips. I learned a lot!

Great talk, though I knew most of them through the MySQL Dev and DBA exams, it was a good refresher! +1 for the humor during the talk.

Good talk. Bashing varchars and utf8 is always good

Thanks for the talk, very interesting! I knew some things already but picked up a few new things I'll be passing on to others. The information-density was pretty high but not too bad. Didn't quite agree on some assumptions, like limiting your range of countries and preferring latin-1 in some cases. These limit your scalability imho. At any rate the talk gave me something to think about.

hmmm joind.in doesn't have a delete comment feature yet....?!

Second time I saw the talk... It was already good, but it became a lot better! Good work!

great talk with some good humor. I wonder who build that table with all the varchar 255 fields ;)

Great talk. Many points to think about.

Anonymous at 18:39 on 17 Sep 2011

Very interesting talk, learned a lot. Thx

This is the talk that I learnt the most from during the day. It was incredibly interesting and had many points to think about. The speaker was clear and funny in a nice way! Learning and laughing, I wish school would have been this fun :D

The only problem I had was that the speaker didn't plan the time correctly and seemed stressed and had to rush trough some points. Next time it could be nice if he plans the time a bit better. Maybe skip a tip or two so that he has good time for all of them without constantly saying he needs to rush it now. :)

Otherwise... Amazing!

Thanks for this very great slide. Very good tips.

Anonymous at 14:09 on 18 Sep 2011

Next time skip the obvious tips like "RTFM". You'll have more time for the interesting ones.
However, a very good presentation with a good sense of humor.

Interesting talk, sadly could not read the slides in the back of the room.

Good reminder of the most common mistakes made by developers.
Great presentation with lots of humor!

This session teached me stuff I can put to practice RIGHT NOW. I will never ever just go for UTF-8 again without thinking. I will make sure my queries are cached from now on. I actually know what Sharding is now.

Thanks! Nice session in front of a full audience.